Fiberglass and Megapixels

I created the Fiberglass and Megapixels DVD cover and poster + designed the title!!!
I had a lot of fun creating the artwork for this film. The film was accepted at the X-dance film festival in Utah. Big Mahalo to Craig and Derek Hoffman!

Film Trailer:


LuisNCT said...

cool cover

Bill Ferguson said...

Agreed, I would buy the movie just for the cover. It adds a spontaneous and imaginative dimension to a live action documentary.

Josh Hoye said...

-The film went to the X-dance film festival in Utah and won 'Best Editing' and was nominated For: Best Cinematography,
Best Documentary, Best Original Music Score.
-It is now heading for the Byron Bay Film Festival, Australia • Saturday March 13

Sjan Weijers said...

Great stuff! very nice drawings :)

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

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